Patient Participation Group

Aims of a Patient Participation Group

The aims of the Patient Participation Group (PPG) are:

  • To provide a patient perspective input to the practice
  • To provide a forum to discuss issues relevant to the practice
  • To enable patients to influence local health care services


The core objectives of the PPG are:

  • To facilitate and enable dialogue between patients and the practice team and promote patient involvement in the practice.
  • To involve patients in the review, development and planning of services by Dr Jude's Practice and, through the practice's membership of the Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group, to influence the wider development of medical services in Liverpool.
  • To identify services and issues about which the practice should consult with patients, consider any comments resulting from this consultation, and support the practice in reacting to them.
  • To support the practice in drafting practice materials and communications, such as the newsletter and website, and offer feedback on literature for patients.


The membership of a Patient Participation Group shall include:

  • Patient representatives
  • General Practitioner(s)
  • Representatives from the practice team

PPG membership will be open to anyone registered with the practice. The practice will, as far as is possible given the voluntary nature of the group, ensure that its membership reflects the patient population.

Members who do not participate in any way for more than one year will be deemed to no longer be a member of the PPG, and will be removed from the circulation list.

The Chair of the PPG will be appointed by the group, from the patient members, for a period of one year.


Meetings are held regularly, and at least 4 times a year or more often if the group agrees.
If you would like to be involved in your Patient Participation Group, please contact us on