Non-NHS Medicals and Private Fees are not part of your doctor's NHS duties and                                          therefore a fee in the range feesrecommended by the BMA is payable, details of which are available at reception or to download below.

Please note NHS work always takes prioroty.

Click here to view Non-NHS Medicals and Private Fees.

For Medical Certificates due to absence from work through sickness, self certification is valid for the first week. The certificate (form SC1) is available from your employer, the post office or the one stop shop. We do not issue a doctor's certificate for the first seven days of sickness. If a private certificate is required to cover this absence from work, a fee is charged. After the first week certificates are obtained as part of a consultation with your doctor. If you are under the care of a hospital doctor you may ask them to issue your certificate for an inpatient stay or an outpatient appointment.



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