Advanced Nurse Practicioners.

Advanced Nurse Practitioners are High Level Registered Nurses who have done extra training and academic qualifications to be able to examine, assess, make diagnoses, treat, prescribe and make referrals for patients who present with undiagnosed/undifferentiated problems. The Practice has two ANPs Mrs Cathy Kirby & Mrs Sue Connell who work at either site according to demand.

APNs can see and treat: apn

1) Tonsillitis, sore throats.
2) Back ache/pain.
3) Infected bites.
4) Nail infections.
5) Any diabetes care.
6) Respiratory unless very SOB.
7) Chest infections.
8) Ears, blocked, referrals for syringing, pain.
9) Eyes, infected, stye.
10) Medication changes, BP,cholesterol,diabetes.
11) Rash/
12) Joint pains, frozen shoulder, knees, hips.
13) Thrush, vaginal or tongue/oral.
14) Haemorrhoids/piles.
15) UTI.
16) Diarrhoea, not persistent over 3 weeks. 

If you need medical help regarding the following then please book in with a Doctor:

1) Pregnancy related illness or enquiry.
2) Children Under 2 years old.
3) Depression related.
4) Sick note.
5) Acute pain, abdo or chest.

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